barb morrison videos

Danielle Barbers – Never Let Go Of Me (producer / co writer)

Ryan Cassata – Check Engine (producer)

Carrie Ashley Hill – Broke Up, Broke Down (producer)

Broke Up, Broke Down (Official Video) by Carrie Ashley Hill from Carrie Ashley Hill on Vimeo.

Raphael – Superstar (producer)

Carrie Ashley Hill- Old Winds (producer)

CARRIE ASHLEY HILL – OLD WINDS – (Official Video) from Lenz Twinz on Vimeo.

Princess Superstar – Firecracker (producer)

Ryan Cassata – Bedroom Eyes (producer)

Miranda Di Perno – Constant (producer)

The Cliks – Savanna (mixer)

Songs from Rayya Elias’ book ‘Harley Loco’ (producer, co-writer, mixer)

Antony & the Johnsons – Cripple & the Starfish (clarinet and saxophone)