thanks 2017 ! it was an awesome year !

photo by : clayre morrison saxon

2017 turned out to be a super busy and creative year for music. first i wanna give a shout out to the kick ass studios and engineers i worked with : jonathan jetter at right angle productions, pier giacalone at hopetown sound with fred keller assisting, jeremy dawson at mirrorball entertainment and dan malsch at soundmine recording

a producer is only as good as their engineer so i owe a lot to these guys for making everything sound top notch.

i also got to compose the score for a beautiful documentary called cherry grove stories with michael fisher, gary sacks and melissa huffsmith-roth. the music for this movie was so fun to compose because michael had a clear vision for it to sound emotional, uplifting and fun.

2017 also brought me so many talented artists ranging from all different genres. a giant thanks to these people who trusted me with their music : gina volpe and her new record ” a different animal” with basil rodericks, militia vox and don neil, raphael who was back in the studio working on new tracks for 2018,margaret bernsteins SAFE through the arts who was a finalist in the john lennon songwriting competition, joshua robinson who came in for vocals and guitar recording, amélie hill who began work on her upcoming release, hedy berelson who took our remix to new heights with dee dee ramones guitarist aurélien budynek as well as studio musicians glenn hale on keyboards, ebony jett on vocals for martin belks new project , jim hines on drums and michele zayla on vocals

i also did a lecture at SUNY purchase about being a record producer, was a featured artist for earthquaker guitar pedals, was featured in lucas silveira’s anchor campaign with dangelico guitars and last but not least 2017 was the year i received my first platinum record and you can read about it here with charlie midnight interviewing me

i am so unbelievably grateful to everyone who came through and made magic with me. im looking forward to getting back in the studio with each and every one of you ! THANK YOU SO MUCH !

gina volpe, jonathan jetter and basil rodericks NYC

michael fisher in the booth for cherry grove stories NYC

joshua robinson recording guitar NYC

platinum and gold records (photo by clayre morrison saxon)

tony maserati at mirrorball entertainment los angeles

ebony jett at mirrorball entertainment los angeles

pier giacalone at hopetown sound

amélie hill at soundmine recording

hedy berelson and jonathan jetter NYC

my first platinum record !

thanks to everybody who helped make this happen ! the blondie record “sound & vision” went platinum and my pal charlie midnight interviewed me to talk about life in the studio.

you can read the interview here at DOPECAUSEWESAID

photo by clayre saxon

overheard at the studio episode 3 danielle barbers

d barbs gets us psyched for her upcoming release and gives us a few tips about the cool places to hang out tonight in NYC

flashback friday 2014 miranda diperno

that time me and albert difiore went to 2 inch tape for the making of miranda diperno’s record “home” at the rumpus room brooklyn NY

throwback thursday 2014 venus demars

producing “flesh and wire” for venus demars at sacred heart studios in minnesota in 2014. a gorgeous recording studio in a cathedral with a six second natural reverb.